Made for her with safety first

Invoking emotions to endorse the product value proposition

Cipla | Lametec

Cipla is a leading pharmaceutical company in India, providing high-quality and

affordable medicines to support patients in need. With their extensive range of solutions

they strive to make a difference in the health industry.

Cipla Lametec

The brief

Lametec was introduced as an anti-epileptic drug for women suffering from epilepsy. Cipla wanted to upgrade the existing communication for Lametec, take it to another level and make it more impactful.

The challenge

Right from the start, we understood that epilepsy is a complex subject matter. We needed to impactfully address the stigma surrounding it, the struggles and strives of the patients, and finally introduce the product as the solution. Also, neurologists being the target audience, the time a medical representative would get to present the communication was very limited. This means the communication that we create should be unique and interesting to catch their attention in that short time.

Digging deeper into the matter

Our work started with extensive research to understand everything related to epilepsy. We learned that the social, mental, and physical distress undergone by a woman with epilepsy is very different. We derived an approach to address the insecurities, burdens, and constant pressure that they feel.

Digging deeper into the matter

Story-telling from the patient perspective

We told the patient stories emotionally, by citing everyday struggles they faced. With our work, we answered the questions and confusions they had in their mind. And to impactfully represent this, we used images with striking expressions in our designs. All of these, coupled together with an emotional tagline, “Made for her with safety first”, brought the patient perspective forward perfectly.

Eye for detail

Lavender color and flowers are widely associated with Epilepsy awareness. For a woman with epilepsy, these are the symbols that express her struggles and her strive to live a normal life. We incorporated those elements into our design beautifully to establish a connection with them. With this, we conveyed that Cipla understood women and stood beside them always. These minute details register strongly in the mind of the viewers.

Eye for detail

A well structured, beautiful story

The Lametec project is an example of how to catch the viewers’ attention within a short time and retain their interest in it so that they keep on turning the pages till the very end. We created an emotional story by taking care of the sensitivities of the patients. It helped us understand the end consumer, and think like them and ultimately make Lamatec a successful campaign.

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