Mind + Body + Light

Weaving a story about complex technology to create impactful B2B communication

Wipro | InSync

Wipro Lighting is one of the leading players in the commercial lighting industry in India.

They are known for technology driven solutions for modern workspaces.

The Brief

The brief

We experienced a paradigm shift in the way we work.
People became the most important resource in the work environment and the entire ecosystem realigned to meet their needs, keeping their mental, physical and social wellness at the forefront. With this purpose in mind, Wipro Lighting wanted to introduce human-centric lighting (HCL) technology that promotes better health through lighting.
HCL works in harmony with the natural lighting cycle and can be programmed to mimic the daylight. The natural light intensities mimicked keep the receptors in their natural light environment, boost physical and mental wellness, and thereby work productivity improves.

The challenge

When presented with such a complex brief, our objective was to simplify the technology and present a communication that acts as a sales pitch.

Everything is in the name

Everything is in the name

The process started with coining a name for the lighting technology. After much deliberation over the purpose, features, and benefits, we came up with the name InSync. Together with the central theme of “Mind + Body + Light”, InSync communication conveys a story of light that is in sync with the holistic wellness of the user.

Language that resonates well with the TG

Architects being the primary target audience of the communication, we identified that they relate well to stories that are built around designs and technologies. Hence, the idea of this new technology and its value proposition was conveyed in the form of a story. One that is compelling yet simple. A story that simplifies the technical jargon and presents the product specialties in an easy-to-understand manner.

Language that resonates
Visual Centric Communication

Visual Centric Communication

We broke down the content into different sections. The importance of the natural lighting cycle and its effect on bodily functions sets the premise for the introduction of InSync and its value proposition. We used realistic people’s images to bring out the emotional appeal. The entire design, colors, and story blend together well, while effectively presenting the scientific effects, facts, and figures.

InSync communication is a perfect example of how to sell a complex technology by simplifying it, generating curiosity around the idea, and making it an everyday need for the user.

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