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Skillfully handling a fast-track, high-volume, versatile project with a quick and precise approach

Syngenta | Vegetable hybrids

Syngenta through the vegetable division focuses on providing hybrids that help farmers

increase their yield and improve the quality of the output.

The brief

The brief

For this project, there was never one single brief, but multiple product features and benefits presented to us. It was a fast-track campaign covering 24 vegetables and their different hybrids. Considering this, we worked with multiple briefs to either introduce a new hybrid seed or to promote an already existing one.

The challenge

The main challenge was to come up with a variety of communications dealing with different features and benefits and making sure that it doesn’t look monotonous.

Handling the mammoth volume Handling the mammoth volume

Handling the mammoth volume

For the successful execution of this project along with the flawless and on-time delivery, we created two separate communication buckets. One for the new hybrids and one for the existing hybrids. We set up a team of people who could dedicatedly work on the content, concept, design, and quality check for each design that was delivered. This team addressed the different types of client needs with a methodological approach which saved time and ultimately helped us meet the deadlines.

No quality compromise

For the need to deliver a unique design for each vegetable under tight deadlines, we smartly brought differences in each design through intensive brainstorming sessions. Our strategy was to come up with interesting and unique ways to communicate the product USPs for each hybrid. To bring variety in each communication we jumped from emotional to functional approach as per the need. For the first bucket which included new hybrids, we focused more on the features as it was important to create awareness about them. While the second bucket included existing hybrids, for which we chose an emotional approach to evoke farmers’ memories associated with their experience of using them.

Quality Compromise
Finding ways

Finding ways to reach a regional audience

Building product marketing campaigns for the rural audience can be simple yet complex at the same time. Communication that is easy to understand leaves a mark on the minds of people. To make something worth remembering we made sure that we take the daily life, likes, dislikes, and problems of people from the rural area into consideration so that we could come up with more relatable lines and designs. Along with this, we adapted the communication banners in over 10 regional languages to reach our target audience more effectively.

Syngenta veg hybrids is the perfect example of how a big scale fast track campaign can be carried out successfully with quick turnaround time, interesting ideas, systematic process, adaptiveness as per requirements, and thorough research.

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